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Regardless of whether you are an established company or early stage, the process we take our clients through is simple, effective and leads to real results. With a unique combination of teaching, facilitating and coaching, there’s no theory, no magic pills, and no flavor of the month. We simply use timeless principles, tools and disciplines that are proven to make building a great company almost easy. Our program has been embraced by thousands of leadership teams across the U.S.

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“When Mark comes into an organization, he can very quickly assess and he really quickly gets his arms around what type of culture you are, the direction that you are heading and the speed. He can identify if you are moving a little too fast, if you are putting too much on yourself and you are going to drown. It doesn’t take him long to assess that.”

Amy Koch, Chief Operating Officer
Roof Maxx

“What I would tell you about Mark is that he’s just an extremely accomplished business person and a very compassionate friend. I think he combines those two things well. He studies and he is prepared when he comes. He knows how to help other people be prepared. He challenged us to set a 10 year goal. And I kept telling him, ‘I’d like to be alive in 10 years. How’s that for a goal?’ But he pushed us and we put a big, unthinkable goal out there. Funny thing is, we will hit it. He helps you stretch.”

Larry Dorfman, Founder
Share The Learning
Former Chairman & CEO, APCO 

“Mark was able to get us into that structure where we’re getting issues resolved quicker.  Better accountability, I think if I just had to sum it up in one word, a lot better accountability, but accountability, both ways accountability to our as the owners, you know, accountability to our team, but then them being accountable to us as well.”

John Greer, Manager
Gold Coast Schools

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