In this latest essay, “Part 7b: A Deeper Dive Into Connections, Culture and Hierarchies,” I present a hierarchical framework to assess the levels of company culture within an organization.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, well-adjusted and enlightened Creators / Workers (i.e., those who make decisions based upon the best interests of their Stakeholders over the longer run) minimize time shared with people they don’t trust, who hurt them, who bring them down, or who have materially conflicting values, interests, competencies, goals and / or don’t respect their Unalienable Rights and Needs. In short, without Trust, we’ll never get the full power of our organizations…”

I’m looking forward to sharing this piece with you. See what you think. Please leave your feedback in applause at the end (if you find value) or leave a comment. Together we can build great and trust-centered organizations.

Here’s the executive summary (below), as well as the link to read more: “Part 7b: A Deeper Dive Into Connections, Culture and Hierarchies.


Executive Summary

  • “High Trust Companies” (HTC’s) are companies where people feel like they belong, they are meaningfully contributing, they are appreciated, they trust the company and their colleagues and the company trusts them, they love why the company exists and where the leaders want to take it.
  • In HTC’s, everyone works for the best interest of the company, not themselves.
  • Without Trust, we’ll never get the full power of our organizations.
  • The 5 levels of company culture:
    • Level One – Employees are angry and hostile toward fellow employees and the leadership team.
    • Level Two – Employees are victims and “Reactors” (versus “Creators”). Innovation is non-existent; urgency is reserved for leaving work at 5pm; and accountability is rare.
    • Level Three – Every department is doing its own thing and may or may not be competing with the other departments for resources, attention, respect, etc. Knowledge is power and some may hoard information. Growth happens but it takes more effort as the organization is not aligned around common values, vision and goals.
    • Level Four – People work together for the greater good of the company.
    • Level Five – These companies are 100% about making a huge dent in the world. Virtually every employee has bought into the vision and wants to be a part of something special.