I invite you to check out the first essay in a new series I’m writing on Trust: “About Trust: A Forever Work in Progress.”

It’s my opinion that Trust is one of our most most valuable assets. As social creatures, we are dependent on it, yet we live in a world filled with trust issues. What can we do about it as leaders, groups, companies, communities… and as humans? Read the essay to learn more.

Executive Summary

  • Trust is probably the most valuable asset we hold as a person, a group, a tribe, a company, a community, a state and a nation.
  • We’re social creatures, yet it’s very hard to be social without trust.
  • We live in a world filled with individuals with trust issues, yet most of us ignore it.
  • Trust is the ultimate forever work in progress.
  • We have the insights, the tools, the competencies, the resources, the values and the disciplines required to reverse this trend and move through this time to a better tomorrow.
  • As individuals, we are capable of taking action to reverse the trend, one person, one family, one team, one group, one community, one company, one state, one nation at a time.

We can start to restore trust by:

  • Acknowledging our own faults and approach reversing out trust challenge with humility and grace;
  • Admitting our mistakes and acknowledging our shortcomings;
  • Accepting every one of us is imperfect and evolving;
  • Only making promises we genuinely intend to keep;
  • Working first on ourselves and leading by example;
  • Focusing on becoming better and better versions of the best versions of ourselves.


Here’s the link to the article on Medium: https://markabbottglobal.medium.com/about-trust-a-forever-work-in-progress-c3051556e2ad