Recently, I published the first in a series on “The Gifts of Work.”  I appreciate all the claps and feedback on it!

Upon reflection and in response to many of the conversations that followed, a followup essay was released moments ago.

Check it out now: “Understanding the Essence of Work”

Let me know your thoughts. And if you agree or find value in the piece, you can “applaud” it at the end to let me know!

Executive Summary

  • Work (with a capital W) is unique to each individual.
  • Work can be almost anything you love to do — something others value so much that you get to be paid for doing that thing you do so well.
  • If it is work (with a lowercase w), we can see it. We can smell it. We can taste it. It lacks the essence, art and energy of true Work.
  • When we have a goal or need, and if we want or need someone else to fulfill it, we must let them do their Work. We fail ourselves and others when we try to micromanage people, or worse, take their work from them and do it ourselves.
  • The essence of Work takes many forms, each worthy of recognition.

As I mentioned, this is a new series. I hope this new thinking about Work will inspire you, and help you become a better and better version of your best self.

May you continue to build with passion, confidence and humility.


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