I’ve spent decades helping teams build great companies. For the past 10 years, I’ve also been exploring ideas about the value of work. It’s a topic I’m passionate about. To share this new thinking with you, here is the first of a series of essays published on Medium.com: “Welcome to the New Age of Work: Embracing Work for Personal Growth.

So why does Work matter so much? Here are some highlights from the essay:

  • Our evolutionary drive toward self-actualization most fully manifests in our Work.
  • Work we love doing is one of life’s greatest yet grossly under-appreciated gifts.
  • It is only through Work that we develop and gain access to the insights, tools, disciplines, relationships and competencies that are essential to both personal and professional growth.
  • Effective and purposeful Work requires an effective and purposeful Work place.
  • Ultimately, the winners will be companies that are not just committed to the betterment of the individual, but to the organization and all of its stakeholders, including society as a whole.

My hope is that this essay, and those that follow, will inspire you and help you find the gifts of work.

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