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Highlights on The New Age of Work

I've spent decades helping teams build great companies. For the past 10 years, I've also been exploring ideas about the value of work. It's a topic I'm passionate about. To share this new thinking with you, here is the first of a series of essays published on...

The Sum of the Parts and Developmental Feedback

The Sum of the Parts and Developmental Feedback

What really distinguishes A Players, B Players, C Players, and D Players? In this piece, I explore how leaders can leverage skills, experience and passion into employees performance reviews and development feedback sessions.

Work and the Secret to Well-Being

I’m passionate about the concept of self-actualization through our work, creating and sustaining organizational well-being. In this essay, allow me to share the ideas, disciplines and tools that will help you enhance not only the organizational well-being of your company, but the overall well-being of our world. There’s never been a better time.